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I spent a good portion of my life working very hard to get to where I am today personally and professionally. For so many of my 42 years, I could not be stopped. Always climbing to the next level and from the outside looking in, I had it all; great job, great partner in life, and great friends. Then, out of nowhere, I hit a wall. A really thick and tall wall that for some reason I could just not climb over. It was not a mid-life crisis. I did not want a new partner, new job, new car, or a new boyfriend. I just was missing something. After weeks of struggling, I just could not figure it out and I was getting frustrated. I always had all the answers and I always knew what to do but this time I just felt like I was wandering aimlessly.

Having nothing to do with how I was feeling, a good friend had been telling me to try this awesome yoga class taught by an amazing woman, Mindy Frenkel. I used to make fun of him and say yoga was not physical enough for me and my type A personality would not mesh. One day, for some random reason, I finally relented. I trekked down to Greenwich Village and was introduced to Mindy before class. Just shaking her hand hello I knew I had met a special person. I cannot explain why, but I just knew.

As the class began, within the first 2 minutes, something inside me changed. Sure, I could not get a single pose right, I could not sit still during mediation, and after listening to the whole room chant their first “om” I thought I could never relax. But all that changed. I began to see that Mindy was not teaching an exercise class but was teaching so much more. How to listen to yourself. How to be still. How to find peace of mind. It was not preaching, it was teaching through her words and those of her teachers. It was very special. Over time, I learned the poses and became more physically fit than I ever dreamed I could become. But that was not the point. I found peace. I did not give up my job or anything else. I simply found someone and something that enhanced me and made me a better person. It took time and dedication. Yet it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

– Andrew Rubin

Changing the way you see things is easier than changing what you see”- Mindy made me understand and actualize what this quote means.Mindy has taught me so much over the years but most importantly, she has taught me how to use yoga in my everyday life. Yoga started for me as a physical practice but over the years, has gradually turned into so much more. When in situations that are less than desirable, I think of her saying “use your yoga” and I remember to breathe, be still for a moment and move forward in a more peaceful way. Mindy’s lessons and her presence have changed how I look at life, run my business and interact with people on a day to day basis. I look forward to learning from her each week for years to come.

– Julie Ginsburg

Mindy’s classes are challenging physically, but more than that, her insights are challenging to the mind. Every class is taught with love, devotion, and a special sense of humor that keeps us all going no matter how hard the poses are. Mindy has a loyal following of students that have all become “yoga friends” and we feel like we are all working together… the energy in the class is amazing! She has changed my life!

– Terrie Kane

Mindy has changed my way of life. She has guided me, through my yoga practice to view life in a more conscious and compassionate way. Thank you, Mindy, for teaching me to open my heart to life and all that comes with it. Mindy is truly an inspiration to all.

– Marissa Gross

Mindy is the kind of teacher who will make you rearrange your schedule – because you don’t want to miss any of her classes! She had inspired and mentored many of her students to deep and committed practices. I am blessed to be able call her my teacher.

– Eva Frenkel

Mindy has to be the very best yoga instructor I have yet to encounter. She gives off positive vibes and useful inspirations that one can take with them when they leave the class. She is playful which makes her classes all the more enjoyable & fun! Mindy’s class is packed with all the goodies that make her teachings different than anyone I’ve ever seen. I never left her class feeling like I missed something. The biggest challenge can be trying to find a spot for your mat (but Mindy usually helps you get one)! Mindy’s class is “the real deal.”

– Ali Ambron

The yoga retreat I attended with Mindy in Sayulita helped set the current direction of my life. I began a year-long spiritual quest with Mindy’s retreat that included travel, surf, snow, and adventure. That journey continues actually, and I’m thankful it began with Mindy’s instruction. We started each morning with silent meditation and a vinyasa practice that was strenuous and vitalizing, although initially I resisted her teaching. The first two days my mind told me that her style wasn’t my style and it wasn’t doing me any good. Little did I know. By midweek, yoga won out and it dawned on me that Mindy had greater things in store than the physical benefits of specific asana poses and sequences. The week developed so that the six day progression of asana, morning meditations, and chanting deepened my yoga practice immensely.

– Jonathan Leuchs

Mindy, You are my spiritual birth mother and my beloved teacher. You held my hand as I took my baby steps in yoga. You hold me up when I can’t balance on my own. You answer my questions with wisdom and make me find my own truth. You remind me to be still. You have shown me the path to a joy filled life of yoga.

– Eva Frenkel