Podcast #4 – inversions


This monthly focus reverberated all month long in every situation I found myself in.

The physical practice of inverting- especially headstand and shoulder stand—is profound.

Gravity takes a toll on the body, and by turning ourselves upside down, we reverse the effects of gravity on our body, both inside and out. For more detailed information on this,  please visit the Jivamukti Yoga School website.

For me, the spiritual aspect seemed even more powerful. The idea being, as a yogi our job is to see all sides of an issue. Let’s face it, all day long we see life through our own lens; our own past experiences and the impressions made by them. But, if we become aware of the other person’s point of view, and if we consciously attempt to step into their shoes, we might actually come to another level of understanding.

My Teacher, Manorama, taught me this lesson in her own way. One afternoon, she asked me to read a

book.  The following week, I handed the book back to her and said, “ I read it.” She immediately turned the book upside down, handed it back to me and said, “Read it again.” I looked up at her with a puzzled expression.

The following week I returned the book and said, “I read it again.” Once more she placed the book in my hand, this time on its side. “Read it once more.”

I glanced up at her and realized what she was trying to teach me. Everyone is right from their point of view.  To get to truth, we must see ALL sides on an issue. That is the way to compassion..