Podcast #3 – Bhakti Trumps All

 The subject of Bhakti-which means “devotion” comes from the Sanskrit root “Bhaj”, meaning “to partake in; to receive one’s share.” It refers to religious devotion in the form of a devotees worshiping of the Divine. At first glance, this concept seemed somewhat foreign to me. But as I took the time to study Bhakti, I found it held a deeper meaning for me. 

Just as a good movie has the ability to pull on our heartstrings, so too life itself is designed to pull us out of our comfort zones. My Dear Teacher, Manorama would say to me,” look at different aspects of your life as God. For example, God in the form of a difficult mother, God in the form of  drama in a romantic relationship, God in the form of an illness.”

All of life is God- the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. There isn’t a place where God is not. Ask yourself ,”what am I to learn in this story? What is the lesson in it for me? ”  To practice Bhakti, is to see the play of life, and God, or the Divine in everything. In this way, your life and everything about it is sacred. 

Now your life is transformed from the mundane and ordinary, to the magical and extraordinary.