podcast # 20 Spirit Guides

In this focus, David explains that we all have many spirit guides. These guides appear in our lives, as needed to point us in the direction of our next step. We may never actually “see” them, but we can call to them and they will answer.  Sometimes, our spirit guides come in the form of an actual “guru”. A guru  ( from gu-ignorance or darkness; ru-to remove )is a force that may come through a person to remove our ignorance to who we think we are,  and brings us to the light, or to an understanding that we are a soul embodied.

This being helps us to see where we  are  attached, or  where we have aversion to something in our lives. The places where we are attached, or where we have aversion are the places we need to look at to progress towards enlightenment.  Enlightenment is the goal of yoga. To see oneness of being and not otherness is the goal of life.

The first step towards hearing or seeing our guides, is a strong yearning and desire to see them.  According to David, we make ourselves irresistible to them when we 1. believe in the guru as an aspect of the creator, 2.we must be able to listen to their advice.