Podcast #16 Why we like War

The mind loves drama. My teacher Manorama, would often tell me that I loved drama. Of course, I would totally deny that.  That can’t be true! I am a yoga teacher, a student of peace right?

Here’s the reality: consciously we may be seeking peace. We may long for calm relationships and a serene life. But if we are seeing drama, then on some level we like drama. It’s not the drama per say that’s the problem; it’s our engaging in it that is. Life will continue to throw things at us and we have a choice whether to approach our circumstances with ease or with conflict; Love or Fear.

The inner battle we fight is this battle between the ego-lower self ,and our Higher Self. Our choice lies in choosing which one of these will dominate.

In order to have a world where war no longer exists, we must begin with ourselves first. Taking 5 minutes a day to sit quietly, to calm the mind is essential for this to happen. Begin meditation today.

Find a quiet spot and designate that as your place for meditation. Place an object that means something to you on a table there. A candle, a picture of your teacher, a statue of a deity of your choice, Choose something that inspires you. Sit still–commit to keeping the body still for 5 minutes. Find something to focus on-start with using your breath and then add mantra. My teacher Sharon  Gannon from Jivamukti suggests the mantra “LET GO”. “Let” as you inhale, ” go” as you exhale. Stay with this mantra for  5 minutes and practice every day. It will change your life.