Podcast # 13 Storytelling

All month long I told stories about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. I recounted the story about Ganesh, about Shiva and Hanuman. I enjoyed both the learning and telling these tales with their respective analogies and lessons.

The best stories though, are personal; they are stories that are about us and our lives. They are our personal dramas and melodramas that if we are wise show us where we are and what work we need to do on ourselves. 

I often learn the most when I’m teaching. I maybe talking about my family; my son.daughter or grandchildren. Many times though, I will actually hear what I’m saying as if someone else is doing the talking. At those precise moments I realize that my words are being guided and directed by the Divine. I am simply a messenger and my story may be personal, but its message is universal. Who doesn’t go through hardship, suffering in their lives? Don’t we all have our hearts broken? Haven’t we all experienced a loss ?

It is important to share our stories with one another. In this we way we can learn from each other and inspire each other to grow into the person we are meant to be.