Podcast 11-Soul Power

“The greatest obstacle to the practice is one’s own prejudices based on one’s own preferences.” PYS IV.28

The goal of Yoga is Samadhi-which literally mean “same as the highest, or Oneness.
Master Patanjali is saying that our minds,prevent us from experiencing this state of yoga, because our minds tend to divide, and separate. We judge all the time. Just notice how impossible it is for our minds not to judge–just walk down the street. Do you see many? or do you see one?
I see all kinds of people, who look very different from each other. I see beings on two legs, beings on four-I see beings with wings. I don’t see oneness.
When we look at the world, it may cause us to feel sad and powerless. We may ask ourselves, ” what can I do to alleviate the world’s suffering?”
The truth is we cannot change the world but we can change ourselves by choosing different thoughts. we can choose uplifting and positive thoughts, we can choose to be kind. In this way we can become more peaceful in ourselves and thereby positively influence others.