Podcast #7 – The magic of cooking

The Magic of Cooking
The act of cooking and preparing food is a magical act, according to my teacher Sharon Gannon. “Magic is a shift in perception” and cooking is a process of transformation.
When we eat, our food becomes us; our cells, our blood, our energy.
Becoming a conscious being, an enlightened being, and raising our awareness from just ourselves to caring about others is the goal of a yoga practice.
As we grow in awareness we come to realize that there is no place where God is not; everything is divine. Every act is divine.
When I cook at home I create a mood; I light the candle on my altar, I listen to my favorite chanting music and I sing while I cut, chop and dice. I don’t chat on the phone. I deeply immerse myself in the act of preparing the food.
Many years ago, while I was visiting my teacher, Manorama, I watched as she carefully prepared tea and biscuits for me. I observed the manner in which she boiled the water; a white cloth draped over the kettle. I saw how she added the agave to my cup stirring ever so carefully. Then she placed the tea on her coffee table over a napkin, and arranged the biscuits beautifully in a tiny bowl. This “mundane” act was elevated to a divine experience; it felt holy.
Now, when I’m going to make dinner I make it a holy experience by being mindful and aware. Even before I get into my kitchen I start this mindful practice: I take my time even in the supermarket. I slow down as I unpack my groceries. I chant mantra.
And what is the result? A sumptuous meal that is divinely blessed.