Mindy’s Offerings

Yoga Takeout

A personalized recorded yoga class tailored to the specific needs or requests of the student, allowing the student to delve more deeply into alignment, yoga philosophy, chanting and meditation.

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A Course in Miracles Group Class

A one hour class with study and discussion on The Course in Miracles. Learn how to shift your perception from fear to Love. (Required to have a copy of the Book “A Course in Miracles”)

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One-on On Yoga Private

a one hour private one on one class tailored to your specific needs. Please E mail me at Mindyfrenkel@aol.com

Private Clarity Coaching

A one hour session to assist you in removing your blocks to joy..through the use of yogic timeless wisdom and tools as well as wisdom from The Course in Miracles.

Group or corporate yoga/ meditation classes

A yoga or meditation class designed specifically to meet the needs of a group or corporation.


Subtle body workshop
An exploration if the 3 main meridians and 7 chakras as well an asana class designed to navigate the movement of prana through each energy center for a profound experience of bliss.

Mantra  Meditation and Miracles

In this class the student will explore how mantra can be used to create a meditative experience.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Study

A study of the aphorisms of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali -main text of yoga , with an emphasis on applying the lessons to our lives

The Art of Yoga Assists

for yoga teachers who want to learn specific assists to help their students deepen their experience on the mat

Yoga of the Subtle Body:

This 3 hour workshop includes an asana practice which will explore the 3 main meridians and the 7 chakras.  Each pose will help to opens and clear these channels leading to a feeling of deep release relaxation and peace.