Teachers and Gurus


According to Mindy, a teacher shows you the way. A Guru is the way. Mindy is fortunate to have studied with some of the brightest stars of the Yoga world. Her teaching style incorporates the best of all of her teaches and Gurus. She is honored to list them and hopes that you will visit their websites. Getting to know them will lead you to a greater understanding of Mindy’s style and classes.

Erich Shiffmann

Erich Shiffman is an accomplished American Yoga Master widely known for his award-winning video, Yoga Mind & Body, featuring actress Ali MacGraw. He is author of a best-selling book, Moving into Stillness. He has been teaching yoga for more than twenty years.

“Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. The practice of yoga is the practice of meditation – or inner listening – in the poses and meditations, as well as all day long. It’s a matter of listening inwardly for guidance all the time, and then daring enough and trusting enough to do as you are prompted to do…”


Saul David Raye

Saul David Raye is known for his empowering and transformational approach to yoga, healing and spirituality. His unique teaching style brings alive the holistic nature of healing in a way that is simple, powerful and accessible, allowing people to connect more deeply with their own authentic power and spirit. He holds certifications in yoga, bodywork, and energy healing and is an ordained minister and musician who infuses his classes with healing music and chants. He has been on the faculty of numerous national conferences and was the cofounder of the original Sacred Movement Center in Los Angeles.


Seane Corn

Seane Corn is an internationally renowned Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher and spiritual activist. Featured in commercials, magazines and named the “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS in 2005, Seane now utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Since 2007, she has been training leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®. Seane has spent time in India, Cambodia and Africa working with prostitutes and street children, teaching yoga, providing support for child labor and educating people about HIV/AIDS prevention. Her award winning DVD’s are available through Gaiam and Yoga Journal, and most recently “Detox Flow Yoga” from Sounds True.


Alan Finger

South African Tantric and Kriya Yoga Master Alan Finger began studying yoga at the age of 16 with his father Mani Finger and renowned Swamis of the past century. Alan and Mani created ISHTA Yoga. The ISHTA style integrates breath-based flow yoga with alignment, meditation and healing body work. Before creating a home for ISHTA, Alan co-founded Yoga Zone, Be Yoga and Yoga Works. Alan has authored several books and travels the world to share his technique.


Max Strom

Innovator, teacher, and author Max Strom is known for inspiring and impacting the lives of his students and has become one of the most respected teachers of personal transformation and yoga worldwide. Due to an ever-increasing demand for his teachings, Mr. Strom travels extensively teaching and lecturing on transformation, spirituality, and yoga. His teachings are a culmination of his life experience and decades of study. His methods address the internal, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our life, as well physical healing and health. His teachings can now be read in his new book, A Life Worth Breathing



Most recently, Mindy’s life has been profoundly influenced by her encounter with her Guru and spiritual guide, Manorama, with whom she has been studying “The Path of the Luminous Shabda.” This includes the language of Sanskrit, mantra, meditation and yoga philosophy. As a result, her classes and teaching have become more alive and devotional.


The director of the School of Sanskrit Studies in NYC, Manorama leads workshops on the Path of Luminous Shabda, a path that combines Sanskrit, Mediation and Yoga philosophy. She leads workshops nationally, as well as internationally. Manorama’s mix of earthly charm, deep scholarship and humorous teaching style were born from years of close study with her Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. She is a graduate of Columbia University. In 2005, Sanskrit Studies released the acclaimed Learn to Pronounce Yoga Poses, an invaluable tool for yoga teaches and students. Manorama is committed to affecting the world in a positive way through Sanskrit, the language of awareness and love.

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

(Also known as Ramamurti S. Mishra, MD) is the founder and spiritual director of the Yoga Society of New York, Inc., and its country retreat Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York. He also established the Yoga Society of San Francisco and inspired many other centers of meditation throughout the world. He was a widely recognized authority on the science and philosophy of Yoga-Vedanta, a medical and brain surgeon, a yogi, prolific writer, and master of the Sanskrit language. His life was characterized by untiring service to humanity and dedication to helping all on the path of transformation and self-realization, with the goal of universal peace through spiritual unity. He integrated the timeless message of the ancient teachings of Yoga and Vedanta with deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine and psychology.

Thoughts inspired by the teaching of Manorama and Sri Brahmananda

“Being “fearless” means having the courage to look fiercely into one’s own heart.”
“Our bodies are containers of deep wisdom. Take the time to listen inwardly and
seek the guidance it provides.”

“Freedom is a state of mind. It is a place where one can observe and at the same time participate in the play we call ‘life.'”

“In order to discover your own inner light, you must be willing to look at your own inner darkness.”

“Problems are the Universe’s way of forcing us to stretch and go beyond the limits we set for ourselves.”

“Being silent, I tap into the wisdom of my Self. Experiencing my Self, I tap into the Infinite….”