How can I use my life’s experience to best know myself?

Life presents so many obstacles that seem to interfere with our “plans.” My Guru Manorama says, “don’t fight with God, he always wins.” I try to remember that as I move through the various ups and downs of life. The more I try to force my will, the less I am able to get what I “want.” Now when I am challanged by life I sit quietly. By observing the thoughts and reactions of my mind, I realize how impermanent they are. I see that in one instant I can feel restless and bored angry or sad and the next moment feel happy and peaceful. I am learning that by staying in the moment, stoppping and observing the mind, I can begin to feel the quiet that exists behind the thought. I can witness myself as something other than my thought to have this or that….This feeliing is open and expansive….

What is a Guru?

The literal translation of GURU is GU-remover RU-darkness…hence the GURU is the remover of our darkness. A GURU is a teacher or a lesson that reveals to us our “true self.” The GURU is a mirror of our own beauty and our own ugliness. When we meet a teacher who we think is our GURU he/she is mirroring back to us those qualities that are inherently in us. When we meet someone that we feel is especially kind, warmhearted or brilliant, we are really seeing the qualities that we too possess – even though we may not believe we have them. Conversely, when we encounter someone who ‘gets under our skin,’ they are showing us qualitites or character flaws that are inherently in us. Hence, these people are our teachers or gurus because they help us realize areas that we need to work on, where we can expand, open our hearts to forgive and love unconditionally. When the veil of ‘avidya’ or ‘ignorance’ is removed, we can begin our journey into the light of consciousness.