Yoga with Mindy Frenkel Body and Mind Inspiration…

I have come to understand that one cannot separate the mind from the body. They are inextricably linked. When one experiences any form of stress it affects both mind and body. If my body is at ease, I am at ease. If my body feels flexible, I am flexible.

The yoga practice of ASANA is an opportunity to explore this connection. I can witness the stiffness in various parts of my body and navigate, using my breath to bring more fluidity and ease in those parts. I can investigate where I am holding pain, tightness, emotion, breath.

As I deepen my awareness of my body I deepen my connection to my self. The body contains inherent wisdom. Universal Intelligence. When I listen to the voice of my body, I am also listening to the voice of the Universe. As I delve into the wisdom of my body, I am tapping into the Wisdom of the Universe. They are one in the same.

As I move into my own Consciousness, I tap into Universal Consciousness